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Pakistan has distributed ten million doses of coronavirus vaccination.


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  •         According to Asad Umar, Pakistan intends to distribute 7,00,00,000 doses of coronavirus vaccination by December 2021.
  •         Umar urges the public to be vaccinated against the virus.
  •         He claims that the government's precautions during the virus's third wave were successful.

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan – Asad Umar, chairman of the National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC), revealed on Wednesday that 10 million doses of coronavirus vaccinations had been provided throughout Pakistan so far.

During a short news conference to commemorate the milestone, Umar said that the government's choices to combat the virus were proving "successful" during the pandemic's third wave.

"The sooner we get ourselves vaccinated, the sooner we will be able to rid ourselves of this scourge," he stated, urging people to be vaccinated so that businesses may reopen and life can return to normal in Pakistan.

Umar said that the government and the general public had done an admirable job of adhering to coronavirus SOPs, resulting in a decrease in the number of cases.

"We've seen that when Pakistanis resolve to accomplish something as a country, they do it," he remarked.

While this was an an amazing success, the federal minister said that the government hoped to accelerate the campaign and vaccinate 70 million people by the end of the year.

The NCOC chairman said that Pakistan was vaccination an estimated 300,000 individuals against the coronavirus on a daily basis, and that more than 300,000 individuals were enrolling for the vaccine on a daily basis.

Earlier, the minister took to Twitter to declare that Pakistan would surpass the one million doses milestone today.

Pakistan begins coronavirus vaccination for people above the age of 18.

Since June 3, when the government began vaccinating people above the age of 18, there has been a daily increase in coronavirus immunizations in Pakistan.

Umar has urged people to enroll for vaccinations as soon as possible.

On May 16, Pakistan launched registration for coronavirus immunization for people aged 19 and above. Umar said in a tweet that registration for the vaccination would be accessible to the whole national population, which has been authorized by health experts.

Umar had said that the government was expanding registrations to include additional age groups as Pakistan's vaccine supply improved and the country's vaccination capability grew day by day.

On May 3, Pakistan initiated registration for immunization of persons aged 40 to 49 years throughout the country, followed by walk-in vaccinations for the same age range.

The federal government has developed a digital platform for registration, through which a code is issued to the individual. They may then go to a recognized vaccination facility and be vaccinated.

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