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20 best Pakistani dramas of 2021 | Best Pakistani Dramas to Watch | Best Pakistani Serials

 Tired of seeing Saas-Bahu dramas on TV? Instead, check out these 20 Pakistani shows.

Best Pakistani Dramas

Today, television has a far larger audience than even films. And, with material already being submitted to the internet, it has reached a whole different generation. And, since this young generation is accustomed to material from all over the globe, it is hungry for successful storytelling while becoming openly dismissive of poor plotlines. Unfortunately, our desi tv soaps have abandoned good storylines in favour of the supernatural. This, after years and years of saas-bahu drama. Still, luckily, there is light on the horizon. Or, to be more specific, over the frontier!

The Pakistani television industry, which is still in its infancy, is quickly catching up in terms of success and quality material. Each show has a finite number of shows. A format faithfully adopted by the West, as well as a particular plot line, are undoubtedly catching the interest of audiences worldwide. The storylines aren't dragged, the background music is sparse, and the vocabulary is, well, poetry. So, if you're looking for any decent programming, go online to stream these programmes instead.

Here are 20 fantastic Pakistani dramas to stream online:


    starring Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan is arguably the most successful Pakistani drama that achieved enormous popularity when it aired on Indian television. The plot revolves around Khirad (Mahira) and Ashar (Fawad), who are forced to marry in order to satisfy their parents' wishes. They finally fall in love and form the sweetest relationship. Sara (Naveen Waqar) had always dreamed a life with Ashar, so when it doesn't happen, she makes it her highest priority to split up the loving pair. This epic love saga is expertly cast, and each episode improves on the last.

    Best Pakistani Dramas to Watch



    Despite their vastly different social classes, Zara (Sanam Baloch) and Maleeha (Aamina Sheikh) are best friends. Junaid (Adeel Hussain), Maleeha's brother, expresses interest in marrying Zara when he returns to Pakistan. Maleeha is deeply unhappy with this relationship because she believes her closest friend has deceived her for years in order for her to indulge their lavish lifestyle. Daam is a story of friendship that shows how selfish choices we create can have far-reaching consequences.

    3-Mora Piya


    Faisal (Adeel Hussain) is a journalist who has been investigating the criminal activity of the land mafia. On the night of his wedding to Ujala (Aamina Sheikh), she is assaulted by a gangster out to exact vengeance on Faisal. Soon after, she becomes pregnant. Their partnership is strained because Faisal refuses to consider this boy as his own, and Ujala, as his mother, cannot survive without him. Once a romantic couple with wonderful hopes about their future, they must now redefine their friendship.



    Kankar was a socially important drama on the issue of domestic abuse. Kiran (Sanam Baloch) and Sikandar (Fahad Mustafa) marry after falling in love. Sikandar regularly professes his affection for her, but he is often a short-tempered man who often becomes violent towards her. Kiran attempts unsuccessfully to alter Sikandar. She eventually agrees to abandon him after suffering a tragic tragedy as a result of him. Kiran's character is a role model for many people who continue to be abused and are unable to speak up.

    5-Zindgi Gulzar Hai


    Kashaf (Sanam Saeed) is a hardworking student with a pessimistic outlook on life. Her father remarried when she was young, and she does not want to be reliant on a man for something. Zaroon (Fawad Khan) comes from a wealthy background, but his orthodoxy gets the best of him at times. They meet whilst preparing for their post-graduate degrees and are at odds during college. When they meet again years later, Zaroon suggests marriage, and Kashaf, who has grown into an independent woman, is reluctant. The drama depicts the complexities of partnerships in a believable way.

    6. Shehr-e-Zaat


    Falak (Mahira Khan) has led a lavish lifestyle and has never been refused anything. She falls for Salman (Mikaal Zulfiqar) and persuades him to marry her. Salman accepts, but Falak's life crumbles as she hears about Salman's infidelity. Falak quickly discovers that she has always cared about material objects her whole life, and the series brilliantly captures one's friendship with a higher force. She begins to understand the true nature of life and directs her anger toward positive ventures. Mahira Khan's success in this show, in particular, was outstanding!



    This love triangle takes place during the partition of India and Pakistan. Bano (Sanam Baloch) and Hassan (Fawad Khan) fall in love but are torn apart by the partition. Bano is abducted in India by a guy she hopes will one day carry her to Pakistan. During their time apart, Hassan marries Rabia (Mehreen Raheel). When Bano returns, she is disheartened by Pakistan's situation, when someone attempts to rape her. The tragedy of those who endured massive casualties during the partition is wonderfully captured in the show.



    Shandana (Nadia Jamil), Durr-e-(Samina Shehwar's Peerzada) daughter, has been married for almost a decade, but her marriage has reached a snag, and she chooses to stay at her parents' house for a while. As Shandana begins to consider divorce, her mother reminds her about the early years of her marriage. She describes how her husband wasn't as caring and didn't give any attention to her at first. The drama explores the maturity needed to sustain partnerships as well as the commitment required to nurture them.

    9. Jackson Heights


    This drama takes place in the Queens neighborhood of Jackson Heights. It addresses the issues that Pakistanis face when residing abroad. The show's four core characters are tied by challenges and their marriages, which serve as a shackle for them to live in a harsh setting. The glamorous life they dreamed of when they moved serves as a cautionary tale for those who believe that traveling abroad would fix their financial problems.


    20 best Pakistani dramas of 2021 | Best Pakistani Dramas to Watch | Best Pakistani Serials

    Sadaf (Saba Qamar) has worked hard for years to help her family, and as the sole earner, she copes with unpleasant workplace encounters. Sadaf is unaware that her family does not support her and instead invests the money she makes. Her mother also rejects the plans for Sadaf and there would be no one to raise money if she leaves. Sadaf plans to marry and leave the house after discovering this and feeling betrayed. She eventually marries an older man with three children. Sadaf's plight in a patriarchal community is heartbreaking to see, but she perseveres in the face of adversity.

    11-Mere Qatil Mere Dildar


    Maham (Mehwish Hayat) and Umar (Ahsan Khan) marry after falling in love. Soon after, Maham realizes that Bakhtyar (Adnan Siddiqui), Umar's elder brother, is the stalker who has been threatening her for quite some time. Since the family wanted Umar to marry another child, Shifa, her life in this household becomes difficult. Umar ends up divorcing Maham due to misunderstandings, but she is not one to take things peacefully. She sets out to exact vengeance on this family and triumphs.



    Aiman (Aamina Sheikh) and Saman (Saba Qamar) are sisters with somewhat different outlooks on life. Saman desires a wealthy husband who will care for her, while Aiman believes in contentment and sacrifice. Their paths cross in a difficult matrimonial existence, with Aiman raising Saman's baby. Saman's lust for more and manipulation of others contributes to her demise, while Aiman, who has been a sufferer her whole life, finds contentment with her son.

    13-Khuda Aur Muhabbat 


    The conflicting philosophies of love and spirituality in Pakistani culture are the basis for this plot. Hammad (Imran Abbas Naqvi), from an affluent household, falls in love with Imaan (Sadia Khan), the daughter of a maulvi. Because of their social class differences, Hammad decides to quit his home in order to win the love of Imaad's father.



    This family drama tells the tale of a joint family headed by patriarch Agha Jaan (Abid Ali) and examines the interactions between parents and children beautifully. Circumstances force the family's older son to marry under his own free will, whilst the younger son marries against his parents' wishes. The display often delves into the Pakistani tradition of involving children when they are still small. In this 33-episode sequence, the joint family experienced numerous ups and downs, but the importance of being with your family is emphasised throughout.

    15- Chup Raho


    This groundbreaking drama follows Rameen (Sajal Ali), who is repeatedly raped by her sister's spouse, Numair (Syed Jibran). When she informs the majority of her relatives, she is told not to reveal anything because it will jeopardise her sister's marriage. Her husband, who is also Numair's brother, is also skeptical. Rameen is forced to remain in the servant quarters because her family believes she is mentally unstable and making up lies. The drama depicts how families sometimes chose to disregard grim facts in order to uphold their social standing.

    16- Ishq Gumshuda


    Ali (Humayun Saeed) adores Alizeh (Sarwat Gilani) and wishes to marry her, but she regards him as a neighbor and declines the proposal. He later marries Neha (Aamina Sheikh), but he is still concerned about Alizeh. This causes significant disruptions in his marital life. It's also tough for Neha to live with a guy who is in love with another woman. The already smoldering relationship dynamics are fueled further when Alizeh agrees to marry a man far older than her.

    17-Meri Zaat Zarra-e-Benishan


    This family drama follows Saba (Samiya Mumtaz), who marries her love Arfeen (Faisal Qureshi), but his family is opposed to the marriage. Saba is said to have slept with another man, which harmed her integrity in front of her in-laws and led to her husband divorcing her. Years later, Sara, Saba's daughter from her second marriage with a ruthless husband, seeks Arfeen to learn more about her mother. The display delves into a woman's situation in the context of a traditional family.

    18-Kahi Unkahi


    This drama gives a definite statement regarding the social class divide in Pakistan. Sherry (Sheharyar Munawar Siddique), who comes from a wealthy household, is captivated by Zoya's modest character (Ayeza Khan). About the fact that he is committed to someone else, it is Zoya's kind character that draws him to her. Circumstances play a significant part, and it is difficult for them to marry when his family is strongly opposed to the marriage.

    19-Badi Appa


    All refers to the main character of this drama, Zubeida (Savera Nadeem), as Badi Aapa. She is the one who takes all of her family's crucial choices. When her husband marries another woman and she agrees to wed her old boyfriend, everything changes suddenly. Her plans soon go awry, leaving her at a crossroads.



    The story of this show is made up of Gul-e-(Sajal Rana's Ali) relentless fight to transform the culture of a patriarchal society. She campaigns for women's rights and the hardships that are demanded of them after they marry. She is married to a narcissist, chauvinist man who refuses to alter his ways due to circumstances.

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