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PM communicates 'profound anguish' over awful passing's in Jalalabad charge | Latest | Pakistan | Government


ISLAMABAD – Prime Minister Imran Khan has communicated profound melancholy over appalling passings and setbacks in a charge in Jalalabad of Afghans needing to get Pakistani visas. 

In a tweet this evening, he said mourned the casualty's families and petitioned God for early recuperation of the harmed. 

In any event 15, including ladies, got dead in charge that happened after a large number of Afghan nationals accumulated to make sure about visa close to Pakistani office in Afghanistan's Jalalabad city on Wednesday. 

As per the media subtleties, the rush happened in an arena in the city where an expected 3,000 Afghans had congregated on the open ground outside the department, holding back to gather tokens expected to apply for a visa. 

A huge number of Afghans consistently travel to neighbouring Pakistan to make sure about clinical treatment, instruction and occupations. 

A week ago, Pakistani office had continued giving visas following a seven-month conclusion because of COVID-19 pandemic.


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