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Meghan Markle discovers allies in US press - its trending


Responding to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's announcement about US political decision, President Donald Trump pummeled the entertainer on Wednesday. 

He said he was "not a fan" and wished her better half Prince Harry an unexpected "best of luck." 

Meghan had encouraged Americans to cast a ballot during an ABC early evening unique Tuesday, telling watchers: "Like clockwork, we're told, 'This is the most significant appointment of our lifetime.' But this one is." 

Senior US columnists took to Twitter to remark on President Trump's response to Markle's comments. 

CNN's Joe Lockhart expressed, "add another name to the rundown of ladies, resilient ladies, individuals of colour that Donald Trump isn't a devotee of, Meghan Markle." 

Fox News journalist Katie Pavlich just cited the president in her tweet which read: "POTUS got some information about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry revealing to Americans they should decide in favour of Joe Biden. 

"I'm not a devotee of hers and I wish Harry a great deal of karma".

Another columnist Lisa Boothe stated, "Ruler Harry and Meghan Markle are horrendous".

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